Redbot Security

"Redbot Security is a cyber-security company for the twenty-first century. It can thwart attacks using a wide range of tools and insider knowledge."

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Redbot's professionals are aware of hacker methods and use them to correct weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Clients are always given clear test results. All actionable information, risks are appropriately analyzed, and clients know what to do to address problems. This technique has made Redbot Security a trustworthy name.

Redbot Security is always honest and forthright with consumers and clients. "Working with Redbot Security on an external penetration test was a pleasure," says one reviewer. Everybody has been nice and professional. Comprehensive and well-documented penn test. I love the fast retesting." Kirill K "Worked with us and kept us updated throughout the process, offering a thorough pen test report, guidance, and suggestions. I'd rehire them." John M. believes Redbot Security is competent, detailed, and easy to work with. A+ or 5 The report was detailed and easily converted into corrective actions." Diana

"Excellent!! The Redbot workforce was efficient, friendly, and reliable "Redbot helped us meet a tight client deadline by doing exactly what we required for testing.